LEGO's Rebrickulous

We made them the #1 Brand on YouTube with branded entertainment and fundamentally altered their ad strategy.

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Revenue Increase


New Subscribers


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Episodes Made

Some Fave Episodes

It's hard to pick a favorite child, but we all secretly have one.

The Important Boring Stuff

Capturin' Tough Audiences

The fact was, preteen males didn't care about LEGO anymore. "LEGO?... Where's my hoverboard!?" We gave them a reason to care and combined LEGO with the things they loved, like throwing bowling balls out of helicopters.

Get to the choppah
Lego helicopter behind the scenes image
Lego car full of bricks prank

Moneyballin' Content

Ads are either data-driven OR creative-driven and that's bullsh*t. We use data to improve creative and make it more entertaining. Was it surprising to learn preteen males love pranks? No, but we knew we had to make more.

Watch our favorite prank

Breakin' Brand Boundaries

"Brands." A place where the red tape flows like wine and memos instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. We broke more LEGO rules than we can remember, all for a good cause... growth.

See the painful world record
Lego firewalk guiness world record
Lego behind the scenes

Ignitin' Internal Culture

Rebrickulous reverberated through the toy titan's hallways and everyone wanted a chance to work on "RBKLS." LEGO now creates more entertainment-based content than ever before.

Prankin' LEGO HQ

Feelin' green with jealous rage?

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