The Brothers

They think the Olive Garden's mantra "When You're Here, You're Family", slaps. It's why they treat their clients like friends; appreciating quality over quantity. Oh, and they've been producing video content in almost every industry for a decade.

Brian Bruzzi

CCO & Co-Founder

Chandler Quintin

CSO & Co-Founder

The History


The Brothers started out as boutique, direct-to-brand video production agency that made ads, launch videos, explainers – if it was video, they were all over it. Even then, they were pushing their brand partners to make more entertaining content.


The Brothers were invited to pitch LEGO on a new ad initiative. They were the smallest agency in the running, so they figured, why not pitch them something radically different? From that pitch, ADtainment™ was born and they spent 2.5 years helping LEGO dominate the social space.


The pandemic hit and brands cut marketing spend. The Brothers took what they learned from LEGO and poured it into helping tech startups with their messaging and positioning, marketing strategies, and of course, their video content.


After getting a taste as consultants in the tech world, the Brothers realized it was time to go back to their roots and produce content that audiences wanted to watch (not just had to watch). To put it simply, they were fed up with the current state of social advertising!

The Advisors

#blessed to have mentors who share our outlook, values, and vision.

Founder & CEO

WineCountry Media

Co-Founder & CEO



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