Harold Roberts: HR Specialist

Extreme Networks

Project Overview

Extreme Networks was making big changes in their HR department when they reached out to us. Initially, they had written a script, but we felt that we could produce something even better. Human Resources isn't normally pinned as the department that has fun, so we took that notion and created a series of videos that showcased HR's sense of humor and threw in a little self-deprecation. Our character Harold Roberts was able to get across key information about the new changes in HR, but with a tone more akin to the hit show 'The Office.'


Employees around Extreme raved about the new content, considering how unexpected it was from a department like HR. Not only were the new changes received with no pushback or speedbumps, Harold Roberts became a sort of myth in the walls of Extreme's New Hampshire Headquarters, with Harold Roberts even showing up unexpectedly to bring a smile to the employees.

Final Project

"Feast your eyes!" - Frank Reynolds