Finding the Elusive Candidate

Social Ad

Project Overview

Loxo, a platform that provides recruiters with an all-in-one tool, is unmatched compared to their competition. The problem? Lack of awareness, too few leads, and an allergy to blending in with a boring industry. Our solution? A suite of ads to help them stand out more than that kid who drove himself to his 8th-grade graduation (I was going through a lot at the time). The process started with a discovery call to understand their ICP, brand, and messaging. Then, it was on to the creative. We delivered a library of concepts and honed it down to the winning concept: “Finding the Elusive Candidate”. Ads around the two most elusive entities we could think of, Bigfoot and Aliens. Loxo got two 30s ads, four 15s ads, and two 6s bumpers for Social and CTV. But, much like you’re favorite Ronco infomercial, there’s more! We provided multiple CTA options for each asset for A/B testing and static photography of the characters


These ads just launched so be patient. We’ll update this page with some stats as soon as those numbers start rolling in. In the meantime, watch the ads and check out some of the static image posts Loxo created using the character images we provided. The Loxo marketing team is savvy as hell so it’s no surprise that they leveraged every asset to create a content universe leading up to their campaign launch. The LinkedIn ads below are a great example. 

Keep an eye out for these ads on Hulu, AppleTV, Netflix, LinkedIn, and frankly, wherever else you scroll for that sweet social-media-induced dopamine hit.

Final Project

"Feast your eyes!" - Frank Reynolds