Brand Entertainment

Project Overview

LEGO came to us with an RFP for a YouTube show. As the smallest vendor, up against some of the world's largest Ad Agencies, we decided to pitch what we would want to watch and what we thought audiences would want, rather than just what the RFP asked for. With that bold move, we earned the contract and helped LEGO produce Rebrickulous, a 141-episode, 2.5 year, YouTube show that helped pave the way for the branded entertainment category.

You can watch all 141 episodes on YouTube here!


Rebrickulous was a runner up for a Webby for branded entertainment, one of the most successful shows on YouTube, made LEGO the #1 brand on YouTube, earned them 10M new subscribers on YouTube (up from 2M), over 2.1B watch minutes (aka LOTS of ad dollars for YouTube), and 1 Guinness World Record for the longest barefoot walk on LEGO bricks. Yes, it was as painful as it sounds.

Final Project

"Feast your eyes!" - Frank Reynolds