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Project Overview

Cardata creates customized vehicle reimbursement programs for their clients which, in turn, allows those clients to pay their drivers more while paying Uncle Sam less. Sounds too good to be true, I know, but it's the real deal. The only problem was awareness. Cardata found itself competing against simple mileage tracking apps and companies when their offering was much more robust than that (picture Christian Bale from the Machinest vs. Christian Bale from The Dark Knight). So we went into the lab to cook up a suite of ads that would make Cardata more top-of-mind than "Never Gonna Give You Up" during the height of the "rick-roll". Our partnership with Cardata kicked off with a deep-dive discover, where we learned everything we needed to know, then we jumped into the creative process. We wanted to show the transformation from a Pre-Cardata chaos to vehicle reimbursement nirvana. Cardata's ad suite consisted of three 30-second hero ads along with a slew of cutdowns and several 6-second CTA bumpers; plenty to combat a lack of market awareness. Keep an eye out for Gary and the gang in these ads! 


These ads just launched so be patient. We’ll update this page with some stats as soon as those numbers start rolling in. In the meantime, watch the ads, remember the logo, and call Cardata when that next mileage reimbursement report knocks the wind out of you!

You can see all the ads below!

Keep an eye out for these ads on Hulu, AppleTV, Netflix, LinkedIn, and frankly, wherever else you scroll for that sweet social-media-induced dopamine hit.

Final Project

"Feast your eyes!" - Frank Reynolds